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Pioneering Advanced Intralogistics Solutions

At Matrix Intralogistics, we revolutionize intralogistics with comprehensive solutions tailored for every stage of your journey towards automation.


Revolutionizing Material Handling

Our patent-pending high-density/high-throughput 3D ASRS solution promises to break new ground in the intralogistics industry. It stands out for its unparalleled throughput, offering a performance that is greater than 10 times that of other current market solutions, along with industry-leading density, energy efficiency, reliability, maintainability, scalability, and affordability.

  • Versatile Applications: Engineered for adaptability, our ASRS seamlessly integrates into a variety of environments. From handling pallets in large-scale warehouses to managing totes and bins in smaller setups, it is equally effective in diverse settings. Unlike other solutions, its compact design and safety features make it ideal for in-store retail, pharmacy, and micro-fulfillment (MFC) applications, while also being capable of efficiently managing ambient and chill goods, a key requirement in sectors like Food & Beverage.
Sound too good to be true?  We promise it is unlike anything you have seen before.  Contact us to get a first-hand preview.


Comprehensive Intralogistics Software

Our software offers a complete suite encompassing ERP, WCS, WMS, and WES, all in a single integrated platform.  Offering capability beyond WES, it is an Automation Platform for Continuous Change (APCC).

  • Low-code/No-code: Foundational is low-code/no-code for designing and executing all workflows for all stations, mobiles, machines, and robotics in your facility. Visual flow-diagrams enable all organization silos to understand the exact implementation and contribute to continuous improvement.
  • Modular and Scalable: With a modular design, our platform allows you to start with any component and expand as needed, ensuring scalability for your future requirements.
  • Control and Transparency: From initial order intake to managing sophisticated automated operations, our software provides unmatched control, visibility, and transparency over your entire logistics operations.
  • Future-Ready Design: Anticipating the evolution of your business needs, our software is crafted to adapt and evolve, enabling dynamic changes to your operational flow.
  • Analytical Insights: Our platform is not just about managing what is, but also about exploring what could be. It allows you to simulate ‘What If’ scenarios, providing foresight into potential future challenges and opportunities.


Guided by Industry Veterans

Our consulting services are led by seasoned experts with extensive experience in both manual and fully automated operations.

  • Transformative Approach: We specialize in transforming manual operations into automated systems, understanding every aspect of this transition.
  • Real-World Knowledge: Our team brings practical insights into the realities and nuances of automation, ensuring you’re well-prepared for this change.
  • Process and Employee Impact: We consider the broader impact of automation, from process alterations to employee adaptation, offering comprehensive guidance.
  • Advanced Tools and Methodologies: Utilizing cutting-edge tools and methodologies, we design complex workflows and systems, adopting a holistic, system-thinking approach.

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