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Our Team's Distinguished Track Record

Featuring a wealth of experience, our team members have contributed to projects in their previous roles to design, develop, deliver, and support innovative and efficient intralogistics solutions, optimizing supply chain operations and enhancing warehouse management.



Advanced Automation and Intelligent System Design

At Matrix, our vision is to be the vanguard of intralogistics innovation, transforming industries through advanced automation and intelligent system design. We foresee a future where businesses of all sizes and sectors can seamlessly integrate cutting-edge logistics solutions, driving efficiency, adaptability, and growth. Our goal is to be the architects of a more connected, efficient, and innovative intralogistics world.


Pioneering Advanced Intralogistics Solutions

Our mission is to empower businesses to transcend traditional operational limitations through our pioneering intralogistics solutions. By combining our groundbreaking Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), versatile software platform, and expert consulting services, we aim to revolutionize how companies handle materials, information, and workflows. We strive to make sophisticated automation accessible, understandable, and beneficial for every client we serve.



At the heart of Matrix is a relentless drive to innovate. We continually push the boundaries of what's possible in intralogistics.


We believe in honesty and transparency in all our dealings, ensuring that we are as reliable as our solutions.


We empower our clients by providing tools and knowledge that transform their operations and help them to achieve new heights.


Collaboration is key. We work closely with our clients, partners, and employees to foster environments of mutual growth and learning.


Understanding that each business is unique, we value adaptability, tailoring our solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

Chris Brennan

CEO at Matrix Intralogistics


A Visionary Leader and Innovator

Chris Brennan, the founder of Matrix, is a luminary whose career is a testament to innovation and transformative technology. With a foundational expertise in Economic Crime Investigation, specializing in Computer Forensics and Cybercrime/Cyberwarfare, Chris’s path has been characterized by pioneering initiatives and a commitment to harnessing technology for impactful solutions.

His journey in technology began with designing the first AI-based network threat management system for the US military, a project that melded cutting-edge technology with practical application. Chris’s ability to innovate continued as he ventured into the HealthTech sector, co-founding a company that offered  24/7 diabetic monitoring facilitating patient-doctor interactions  and advanced neural network applications for oncological analysis.  His innovations continued in the hospitality industry where he pioneered the first nation-wide mobile order and payment platform in North America as well as revolutionizing the global hotel industry by delivering the first cloud-based inventory distribution and reservation management system, thus automatically linking hotels with online and retail travel providers.

His expertise in delivering innovative technology is marked by successful ventures in Europe and the United States.  He led innovation and commercialization for Research Studios Austria, the country’s premier ICT R&D organization, where he helped commercialize research originating from Austria’s public universities.  He has over a decade of teaching experience having taught at universities both in the United States and Europe on subjects such as Cybercrime & Computer Forensics and Information Assurance.

Deep Impact in Intralogistics

The world of intralogistics has been Chris Brennan’s passion for the last decade resulting in transformational influence. He recognized early on the critical nature of intralogistics for businesses and the ability for him to leverage his passion for complex systems and technologies like AI, robotics, and autonomous system orchestration. Chris holds a firm conviction that true mastery demands an immersive approach. By delving deep into the intricate details and directly engaging with the challenges faced by customers, he believes one can craft solutions that not only address the surface issues but also deliver profound and lasting impacts.  He has spent the last decade working his way up through the industry, experiencing every facet within intralogistics.  

His tenure at Red Prairie (now Blue Yonder) was marked by the introduction of a “digital twin” professional service in 2012, refining how complex warehouse automation should be implemented. This innovation allowed detailed end-to-end pre-launch performance analysis and optimization, setting new standards in the industry.

His leadership role in establishing Intelligrated Software (Honeywell) and at Invata intralogistics (MSI Automate) further underscored his ability to drive growth and innovation. Chris’s expertise in software stabilization, product development, and organizational scaling was pivotal in these roles, leading to significant advancements in Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) and the industry in general.

At KNAPP, in the role of VP of Product & Implementation for North America, Chris oversaw the development and execution of critical projects, including the establishment of some of the world’s most ambitious implementations. During this period, KNAPP experienced significant growth and expanded its market presence in North America, highlighting the company’s advancements in automated fulfillment center technologies.

The Essence of Matrix

Chris Brennan’s multifaceted career, marked by technological advancements and intralogistics innovations, forms the backbone of Matrix’s ethos. His unique blend of technical acumen, visionary leadership, and commitment to practical, impactful solutions sets the tone for Matrix’s mission to redefine intralogistics. With Chris at the helm, Matrix is poised to deliver future-proof, innovative solutions to a global clientele, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in intralogistics.

Chris values connecting with other industry professionals at all levels, so please feel free to reach-out via LinkedIn!

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