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Through intelligent intralogistics, we streamline e-commerce and in-store retail to ensure precise pharmacy fulfilment and transform food and beverage.


Streamlining fulfilment opperations

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, speed, accuracy, and efficiency are key. Our solutions provide seamless order fulfillment and inventory management systems, designed to keep pace with the rapid turnover and diverse inventory of online retail. Our automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) ensure fast picking and packing, while our integrated software platform offers real-time tracking and inventory visibility, crucial for meeting the expectations of today’s online consumers.


Enabling In-Store and To-Store Automation

In retail, both in-store experience and backend efficiency are crucial. Our intralogistics solutions optimize retail operations, from warehouse to storefront. The adaptability of our ASRS allows for effective use in various retail environments, enhancing stock management, security, and space utilization. Our software platform integrates seamlessly with retail systems, offering insights into stock levels, demand forecasting, and customer purchasing trends, essential for today’s dynamic retail landscape.


Transforming Production with Smart Material Handling

The backbone of manufacturing is the efficient movement and storage of materials. Our intralogistics solutions streamline this process, from raw material intake to final product dispatch. Our high-throughput ASRS is ideal for managing varied manufacturing components, ensuring timely supply chain integration. Our software’s modular design allows for easy adaptation to different manufacturing processes, providing control and transparency over the entire production cycle.

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Timely and Accurate Fulfilment in Healthcare

Accuracy and compliance are paramount in the pharmacy sector. Our solutions offer precise control over pharmacy inventory, ensuring safe, secure, and accurate storage and retrieval of medications. The compact footprint and safety features of our ASRS make it ideal for the pharmacy environment, where space is often limited and the integrity of products is critical. Our software supports compliance with pharmaceutical regulations, providing detailed tracking and reporting capabilities.


Accurate Tracking and Distribution

Handling food and beverage products requires meticulous care, especially when managing perishable goods. Our ASRS is uniquely capable of handling both ambient and chilled goods within the same system, maintaining product integrity and freshness. This is particularly beneficial for the food and beverage industry, where inventory turnover is high, and product quality is non-negotiable. Our software provides comprehensive oversight, from tracking expiry dates to managing supply chains, ensuring quality control at every stage.


Adaptable, Modular Solutions for Many Contexts

Our solutions are not limited to the above sectors. The flexibility and scalability of our intralogistics offerings make them suitable for a wide range of industries, each with its unique challenges. Whether it’s enhancing efficiency, ensuring product integrity, or adapting to evolving market demands, our technology and expertise are geared to empower your business to meet current and future challenges head-on.

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